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My Story



My name is Eugene, I have been performing in the streets since 2015. So far music has taken me to the following countries: 

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 5.32.05 AM.png

Last time I was in Tenerife was in 2018 and I remember that the Canarian people loved and appreciate music. I came back in early November and find that this fact has not change HOWEVER: Lately, local governments have been using Covid as a reason to shut down street music or try to get singers to wear a mask (if we listen to science, we know that outdoor spread is about 19x less than indoors.) - At the same time, suicide, depression and drug/alcohol abuse has been increasing. We are not wise people if by attempting to save a few lives, we end a few. The solution cannot be worse than the problem.


It is human nature that when we are afraid, we give away our freedoms in favour of safety but there is more to life than preventing death. We sing, we dance, we laugh, we cry, we hug, we love. 




Music is life. Music is love. Music HEALS the soul. Music can literally save someone’s life. I ask you to get in touch with whoever creates these public policies and help keep music AND musicians alive. Thank you for taking the time to read and if you’re brave, show me that pretty smile of yours 🤪💕


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