For those
in the industry

I have some music coming out soon that I believe can have a positive impact in our world.


Looking for someone with understanding in the music industry and/or marketing who #1 believes in the messages set out in the songs and are able to effectively market this to people who also believe in free thought and feeding our better angels.

Unused Potential is released, Bones is ready, Victim's Can't Be Choosers is is mixed and a few more songs are getting close:


In my songs I have ideas such as:

“Afraid of change, have you refurbished old excuses? Life’s in your hands but victims can’t be choosers”


“Mediocrity is the enemy in this life, in this game - so lets be all we can, be the best or live with shame” 


“We can strive to have perfection, knowing full well that we’re flawed, but we can aim and choose our direction - set the sails to winds that we’ve got.”