Eugene here, hello!

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I've been travelling around the world for the last 7 years singing for people in over a dozen countries. A few years ago I made a stop in Santa Cruz and told myself I'd come back. I'm back 😁

I'm looking for some opportunities while I'm here so if you have any events coming up that could use good musical vibes, please let me know! Also I write Custom Songs for people so if there's anyone you love, tell me about them and I'll turn that into a song and professionally record it.


Recently I bought a Fedex Truck and I'm converting it into a home and a performance stage, if there's anyone you know who can help me with the build, please let me know. I'm also looking for a reputable mechanic that would work on something like this.

Recording Musicians

I have a recording studio in my van, if you are a musician (singer-songwriter type) and would like to record your music, here is a link with examples of songs I recorded for other artists

Examples of my own music I self recorded


A few more things I'm looking for:

- A shop or someone with tools where I can continue my van build project

- A place to park for the night (preferably accessible to a hot shower)

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If there's someone you love and have a special occasion coming up, consider having me write a personalized song for them. Check out some examples.


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