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Great news!! We are starting the build for what has been a dream of mine since 2017 when I first discovered Vanlife in Australia; taking ‘work from home’ to the next level.

van waves Australia.JPG
van painted Australia.JPG

My first van 😇 Bought it in Melbourne, was taking it up to Noosa before realizing that it needed an engine rebuild 😭

My goal has been to find someone that can fabricate a stage for me so that I can pull up at epic locations, open up the stage and perform from the comfort of my own home!


Since this project drained almost all my cash, I invite you to participate. Help me fund THE DREAM & have your name displayed on the stage!


Any donations will be appreciated for this $3800 project.

For contributions over $50, I’ll permanently add your name to the stage! If you have a business you'd like to advertise instead of your name, we can arrange that as well!

The higher your contribution is, the bigger your name will appear on the stage! Thank you Kerry, Jenna, Liana, The Carbons, Damon, Kevin, Atomy Work From Home, Kara, Ido, Anna, Miller, Victor & Kalie for your donations! So far we've raised almost $1000. If you'd like to subsidies this project (already paid for it) and have your name permanently on my stage, click on green button above!

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