Eugene is a singer-songwriter who began his musical journey on the streets of Tel Aviv in 2015. Through seeing the joy that his passion of music brought to those around him, he decided to pursue music full-time. 

Eugene is currently working on creating music that can instill within us ideas that can have a positive impact on humanity.

He hopes to bring you along on his journey via 'GenieClub'

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Born into a musically gifted family, Eugene always had a passion for music. However, it wasn't until he stumbled upon busking that he discovered there could be a real future for him in music. 


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what people are saying

Eugene wrote me a beautiful song about my two sons. He did such an amazing job at it, it brings a tear to my eye listening to it. Highly recommend!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I first heard Eugene in St Albert, Alberta at the Farmers Market. He was singing a James Blunt song and it was so lovely I had to walk towards the sound and listen to him sing. I’ve been following him on social media ever since and enjoy his live streams. Such a talented artist.

- Holly, Canada

I caught only a glimpse of Eugene Music just a few hours ago by the beach in Tel Aviv - I could feel the authenticity & the love from meters away & was drawn towards the cheer, calm, uplifting, beautiful energy. Eugene, you inspired me to keep doin what I'm doing & I'm sending you the same energy back! 💚"

- Rena, America

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Rather than relying or hoping on making some sort of soul sucking deal, so far Eugene has been able to remain a full time independent musicians through your contributions on the streets as a busker. 


In his attempt to not only survive, but to thrive as a musician, Eugene is starting a side project in order to get more of his music out into the universe. He's taking his biggest fans on this journey with him.

If you join him, you'll get some cool perks!

  • Access to all of Eugene's DEMO songs.

  • Genie FIRST! Get new songs BEFORE the general public.

  • Genie CHOICE! - Vote on which songs Eugene releases next.

  • Discounts on Custom Songs & More!


Getting the perfect gift can be time consuming and stressful. Eugene writes custom songs so that you can give the gift that will last a life time and have your loved one feel like the most special person in the world!

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