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Having honed his street performance craft since 2015 across over a dozen countries, Eugene recently fulfilled a long-time dream by converting a FedEx truck into a mobile recording studio with a built-in stage, allowing him to serenade people wherever he goes.


Now, Eugene traverses the country in his GenieVan, creating magical moments for passerby. The stage captivates them initially, and Eugene's distinctive voice, sound, and lyrics enthrall some to stick around for a while. Book him to do a driveway concert / private event for you.

Countries where Music has taken him:



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Eugene has been writing songs since he was about 17 and when in 2016 he met a folk musician and producer Alon Wasserman, they began recording an EP together (Memories). In 2017 Eugene decided to go on a musical adventure to Australia. When he won the busking championships in Noosa, he used that accomplishments to start booking himself in in nearby restaurants. When he arrived in Australia he was over $11,000 in debt from his previous life and habits of spending more than earning. By the end of the year he was debt free in part because of the hard work and in part because he discovered a lifestyle that has continued to inspire him on his journey; VanLife. He bought a van that he lived in which saved him over $1000/month in expenses and allowed him to pay off his debt sooner. While in Australia, he saw other people that were doing VanLife on another level. Eugene recalls seeing a box truck transformed into a home, which might have been the spark for his current endeavors. What if he could combine a few different ideas together and literally work from home by having a stage in the side of a big van? For the last few years Eugene has been searching for a van to buy and this piece of the puzzle presented itself when he was travelling from Austin, to New York, to Florida. He was on the east coast and found a listing for a stepvan up for sale near St Petersburg. Long story short, Eugene made the purchase and has been slowly converting it into a home, recording studio and stage.  It may take a year to fully finish, maybe more but meanwhile he continues to travel the country, sharing his original songs about inspiration, hope and change. The lockdowns have allowed Eugene to learn how to record and releasee his own songs and so far he has produced over 44 and released more than half a dozen - THESE songs are available exclusively to ‘Genies’ (people who support Eugene’s music) who also have the ability to vote which songs Eugene releases next. One of the goals that Eugene has is to release one song per month. He’s currently more than halfway to this being realized. In his words: I keep asking myself certain questions, one of them being “what is success?” If the goal is to become famous, most likely I’ll become depressed BUT if the goal is to have a good life, make a living doing what I love & spread moments of magic into the universe, then one perhaps I’m already living the dream. One of the thing that gives me profound joy is when I start singing to someone who hasn’t heard me and their eyes light up, you can almost feel their guard going down and their hearts opening up. It’s a special bond that I can’t yet put into words. Of course one of the desires is to bring this feeling to as many people as I can and so I invite you to partner with me and become ‘Genies’ - your wish is my command (kind of) - if you support me monthly in GenieClub’, you’ll help me reach my goal of releasing one song per month. On top of that you’d get: - ACCESS to over 44 unreleased songs I’m working on -Vote which songs I release next. -Receive et all the releases before they’re publicly available. Join the journey and become a Genie and if you can’t, have a listen to some of my originals and share the ones you like with the people you love. ❤️


The songs I've been writing have become a meditation for me, perhaps they can touch your life in a positive way also.

Catchy melodies are essential but without meaning behind the words, sometimes they can feel empty.


Here are excerpts from songs I’m either working on or have released:


“is that all that you can see? Is this all that you can be? Just a head-full of your dreams, you’ll make belief, instead of living it. You’ve got unused potential”

             - UNUSED POTENTIAL


“Sometimes it seems we value feelings more than truth

We try to shield people from pain, but if it’s true in life that truth can set you free

compassion can feed slavery.”

             - 'BETTER MAN'


”Surround yourself, with good ideas    

Actions you take, is how I’ll choose to see you.

Deceive to yourself and quicker you’ll get older

Choose Truth over lies it can only make you stronger “



"Mediocrity is the enemy in this life, in this game

So let's be all we can, be the best, or live with shame."

            - 'BONES'

"Insanity is doing same things, expecting things will be changing, if we go on like yesterday, then tomorrow we can't complain...If we go on like yesterday then tomorrow will be the same"

                - 'INSANITY'




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When I was two years old, just as the Soviet Union was collapsing, my parents succeeded in getting me and my brother mark out, Growing up in the 'western' world I was the kind of kid that always misbehaved in school. I got in trouble with the teachers for speaking back, making stupid comments and when one time a teacher took our poker cards at the end of class (she was no longer teaching and we were just waiting for the bell to ring), I took her coffee.  That wasn't the only time I got suspended. It seems like I've always been allergic to authority, it's funny how some things never change. One of the only classes I managed to get decent grades in was Music, although I did still manage to get in trouble there...Carving "Made in Space" on a saxophone was one example... ​ At a young age, my mom signed me up to be in a choir but to be honest, I went mostly for the social life..  Later, when I was in high school, I had to pick an instrument for music class and seeing that my dad already played guitar, I started teaching myself. Eventually, and to some people's annoyance,  it became rare to find me without it. This was approximately when I began writing songs. I never did finish that first song.. ​ I slowly started frequenting open mics, singing to strangers, and in part because of everyone's applause, I was encouraged to keep going. I thought I was good! Little did I know, they were just being Canadian; polite.  ​ To this day, I continue to have mixed feelings about clapping/encouraging people who aren't good. People need to know whether or not they have a skills so that they could make wise decisions in life. Why would I want to give someone false hope? That just seems cruel...Sometimes feelings need to get hurt so that we can draw lessons from events... As one of my favourite political commentators says, "facts don't care about your feelings" On the other hand, if people boo'd me, perhaps you wouldn't be reading this..  ​ While I loved to sing, it didn't become my full-time focus until recently. In previous years, I've worked as a valet driver, a car salesman, a telemarketer, a caterer, a background actor and a car lot attendant. I remember waking up at 5am while it was dark outside and -15° , driving to the Acura dealership and scraping off the mountains of snow and ice from the cars that had fallen the night before.. That was NOT fun. ​ In 2008, I joined a Network Marketing company in the hopes of making big money but due to poor decisions on my part, I racked up more than $10,000 of debt by the time I was 23. I spent more than I earned so I could uphold an image of success to impress people and entice them to "join me". A nice BMW at 19 sounds nice, unless 100% of your income is going to paying for that image... ​ And so, in 2013, I left Canada. I thought it was time for a fresh start in a new country but as the famous saying goes, "wherever you go, there you are". Luckily in 2015, I met a busker girl who inspired me to sing in the streets. She made a good income, while working less hours.  ​ I wasn't good at the time, (though my ego told me I was) but I still made more money per hour than I did at my telemarketing job in Tel Aviv. And so I thought - if I could make money doing something I enjoyed, why bother having a job? ​ Part time turned into "full time" although I don't think 3 hours a day could be considered that. ​ This "job" is the single most consistent thing I've done in my life, and in 2017 when I arrived in Australia, I got more serious. I began to learn the skills of marketing myself and was able to get regular spots singing at restaurants. It became the year of growth, where I was able to start paying off my debts. When I landed in Australia February 14, 2017, I owed Visa about $11,000. By November that year I was debt free. Being back at $0 was such an incredible feeling. I haven't held a credit card since. For the last several years as I've continued to travel and busk around the world, I've been putting away money to convert something like a shuttle bus or a box truck into a mobile recording studio, performance stage and home. Covid put a little delay on this but in October of 2021 I purchased an old fedex truck and am currently in proccess of converting it!


the plan

Sometimes when you're in the middle of life and your routine, it can feel like you're just a hamster on a wheel - doing what you're comfortable to survive.


COVID has given Eugene the pause that he's been needing for a while. Singing in the streets can be joyous - even euphoric at times. But finding a good spot, at the right time, battling with security and sometimes police due to city regulations can take a toll.

Eugene has been writing songs almost half his life, more so in these last 5 years. 


What he would love is to get more of these songs out into the universe, in the best "light" for you to hear.


If you're reading this, you've probably already heard his professional releases like 'Blessed' or 'Think For Yourself' - These are songs that during the pandemic he started producing himself. To fund the mixing/mastering Eugene has enrolled some of his biggest fans via 'GenieClub' - 100% of monthly donations go to pay for the music production. As of now, we have enough money to release a song once every 2-3 months approximately. The people that join Eugene will not only get his releases before the general public but have the power to select which songs the world receives next by VOTING.


Eugene believes that good music combined with good ideas are powerful enough to shape the world around us.

Through music, we'll make the world a better place.

Eugene Van Me Van.jpg

Ever since Eugene's trip to Australia in 2017 where he lived in a camper van for the first time, a seed was planted in his head. To have  a BIG truck and convert it into a recording studio, performance stage and home. Eugene finally bought one in October of 2021 in July of 2023 had the stage built! Now he's travelling around North America, offering driveway concerts, performing in festivals and more! Get in touch to book YOUR driveway concert!

become a

And get the following perks:


Listen to over 44 unreleased songs that Eugene is working on. 



VOTE which songs Eugene releases next!


You'll get all the releases BEFORE the general public!



A message from


Chances are, you've already contributed in a big way by throwing some money into my guitar case from one of the roughly 15 countries I've performed in. Thank-You!


Because of you, I've been able to do what I love and avoid getting jobs along the way. I've realized that contrary to what many believe, it IS possible to make a living as a musician, it's just that I had to do things that would make most people uncomfortable. I've had to expose myself to the "judgement" of the general public on a daily basis for over 5 years. Anyone can do it, but it's not called a "comfort zone" for no reason.

My challenge now to get to the NEXT level is to build a core group of people who believe in my music so much that they're willing to put their hard earned money on the line. If you join me on this journey, I can release more songs, you'd be an instrumental part of that AND you get bragging rights on deciding which song I record next. 

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