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Trevor Hall invited me to sing a song at his More Than Love tour.

F U L L   V I D E O :


On April 3rd 2022, myself and a few friends decided to follow Trevor Hall on tour from Florida and have been at most of his shows on that tour. I would set up my amp outside his show as people are lining up and sing his songs & then I would leave 1 song before the end of the show and sing to his fans on the way out. He noticed this and on April 13th at his South Burlington, Vermont show, one of his electronics malfunctioned, he noticed me in the crowd and invited me up to sing a song! It may have helped that my shirt read 'Can I sing a song?'

Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 2.06.58 PM.png

2024 + Trevor Hall +Colorado

This past year I’ve made an upgrade to my van and had a stage built on the side, I now travel the country, serenading people as I go. 


Soon Trevor is set to perform in Buena Visa, Boulder and Red Rocks. I’m looking for an extra ticket (or two) to one of these shows. In exchange I can do a driveway concert for you and your friends either the day of, before or after the show.


Or if you don’t have an extra ticket but like the idea of having the show come to you, ask about a driveway concert, I’ll definitely cover a few of Trevor’s songs!

Full tour following Trevor Hall:

Me Leonora's wedding Vancouver.JPEG

If you like Trevor's music, you might like mine: 

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"And I hope that you find everything you're searching for. If you don't - just look up, and the stars will say for sure"


One thing I started during the pandemic which has been growing is writing custom songs for people's special occasions. On one of them I had a customer request that I put Trevor Hall's poem from Te Amo at the end, it was beautiful.

Patricia testimonial for Eugene's Custom Song

Anniversaries, weddings, birthdays; whatever the occasion, Eugene can write and record a personalized song for the ones you love; a gift that they will remember forever and will last a lifetime❤️ 


Support my journey & help me get to my goal of releasing a song per month by becoming a Genie. With the membership you'd get to vote on which songs I release next, get them before they are publicly available and have access to over 40 of my unreleased productions.

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