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Trevor Hall invited me to sing a song at his More Than Love tour.

On April 3rd Myself and a few friends decided to follow Trevor Hall on tour from Florida and have been at most of his shows around the country. He noticed me singing as guests were lining up to see his show and then afterwards to make some gas money to head to the next city. On April 13th at his South Burlington, Vermont show, one of his electronics malfunctioned, he noticed me in the crowd and invited me up to sing a song! It may have helped that my shirt read 'Can I sing a song?'

Heading West

Towards Santa Cruz

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Book me for a private show!

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Now that the tour is over, I'm heading towards Santa Cruz, CA and would love to have little shows along the way for fans of Trevor and/or GoneGoneBeyond! If you're on my way and you'd like to have me stop by for a show, please let me know!

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Anniversaries, weddings, birthdays; whatever the occasion, Eugene can write and record a personalized song for the ones you love; a gift that they will remember forever and will last a lifetime❤️