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GENIE club

I'm recording songs that can inspire, give perspective & unite. By becoming a 'Genie', you're not just supporting my music, you're accelerating my releases while reaping some exclusive perks along the way.

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W H A T   Y O U   G E T


Listen to dozens of unreleased songs I'm recording!


VOTE which songs I release next!

Get all the releases BEFORE the general public!

& More!

3 Examples of songs Genies have access to:

Use headphones or Stereo speakers 

The songs above will be voted on by Genies soon in order to decide which of them gets released next. Become a GenieClub and vote

H O W   T O   J O I N 

Become a monthly supporter with as little as $5/m.

Crafting each unique melody and sharing it with the world is an investment of approximately $400 per song. I aspire to set free a new song into our universe every month & by joining the Genie family, you become a key player in bringing this musical dream to life.  ❤️

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I'm very intentional when it comes to writing lyrics, here are some of the ideas in my songs:

"Afraid of change? Have you refurbished old excuses?
Life's in your hands, but Victims Can't Be Choosers."


"Is that all that you can see? Is this all that you can be? 
Just a heedful of your dreams, you'll make believe instead of living it; you've got unused potential, yeah you do, so what are you gonna do?"


"If you want to be a good man just be good,

don't wait for anyone to care.
The question isn't what you tell the world,

it's how you act when noone's there."

"You've got to think for yourself, otherwise you'll become...
..Just a pawn in a hand, that's already been dealt."



If you become a Genie, you get to decide which of these ideas the world gets to hear next!

If you haven't yet listened to my released songs click here and select the title that resonates most with you.

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