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Fuck Lockdowns

"we will fight you, with our memes and songs, you will hear our voices strong"

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When I heard a rumour that lockdowns may be coming back I started writing this song, JUST IN CASE they try these shenanigans again. Share this song with your friends and family who were against this latest government tyranny of control and campaign of fear.

Fuck your lockdowns 

Fuck your masks 

We the people have had enough 


We will fight you with our memes and songs

You will hear our voices strong, saying:


NO, NO, No, No more

No more of your shenanigans 

Cuz this time we’ll all bring our friends

NO, NO, No, No more

No more of your top down control

You’re slowly killing off our souls



I’m starting to think, it’s all by their design

To lower population, they’re sick up in the minds

Stop trying to play god and let us fucking live

The experts kept getting it wrong yet we still listen to their shit 

Because of all the censorships, it's hard to find groups in mainstream platforms such as Facebook to share this song in so I will try something new, advertising by WE THE PEOPLE. I will spend 100% of the money you donate via Paypal/Venmo to advertise this song in YOUR CITY/STATE. Currently it cost about $5 to reach 500-1000 people. In the donation please write your email & city.

Meanwhile, I invite you join 'GenieClub' - it's the best way to support my music.

You'd get access to almost 50 of my unreleased songs AND get to vote on which of them I release next!


Song Credits:

Artwork by Captain_Sketcher | Production/Singing/Guitars: Eugene Kurolap | B Vocals: Nadia Kodes Tom Breton, Anthony Chick | Harmonica: Tom Breton | DrumsAnthony Chick | Bass: Anthony Chick |  TromboneRotem Beach 

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