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I don’t wanna argue,

but I don’t want lies to spread like wildfire 

And set the world on fire  

I don’t want to confront,

but if I have to I will use voice not violence -  

Cuz of that I want less



I just wanna live life and let others find their own light in these dark times 

(by searching inside)

But evil it exists and only truth will guide us to light, from their stark lies 

(from you you can’t hide)  



But I always have doubts,

what if I’m the one that’s been wrong this whole time, 

(will I let ego die?) 

And be reborn humble,

while I stumble round this ground recently crumbled (

or just double down?)  


In the summer of 2023 I went back to Israel, not only a place that me and my family fled to after the collapse of the Soviet Union but to the place where in 2015 I started my musical career of performing in the streets.


2 days after I got back to Canada, the largest attack on the Jews since the Holocaust was perpetuated by Hamas. Over 1200 Israelis got murdered in cold blood and hundreds taken hostage.


As Israel declared war and in the following few weeks of the bombardment of Gaza, a new war emerged; The war of righteousness. I found myself debating and arguing with people about the situation and the more that I did it, the more depressed/anxious/sad I became but out of the darkness, a new song was born.



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