Anniversaries, weddings, birthdays; whatever the occasion, Eugene can write and record a personalized song for the ones you love; a gift that they will remember forever and will last a lifetime❤️ 



Real Life Examples of custom songs I've written and recorded for people. 

For best quality, listen with headphones or a good sound system! 

GOOD - $300 *



Will melt their heart

A custom song, based on what you tell me about your loved one -  up to 1.5m in length. Vocals + Guitar

*Pricing in USD

BETTER - $450*

For a much fuller sound and a more complete song

A custom song, double the length, with multiple layers of vocal harmonies & guitars.

*Pricing in USD

BEST - $600*



Could be mistaken for something playing on the radio

Includes everything that "BETTER" has, + percussion, Bass or Piano PLUS professional mixing & mastering which makes the song sound like it's ready to be played on the Radio


*Pricing in USD

Optional Extras $50/e

😎 = included in BETTER package

👌 = included BEST packages



Vocal Harmonies 😎👌


Additional Guitars 😎👌


Piano / Bass / Strings (choose one) 👌


Percussion 👌


Radio Quality Mix/Master 👌 (Extra $100) 


Video Slide show






Request a Custom Song
Tell Me About Your Loved One! 
Why do you love this person?
What are they known for?
Is there something funny you would like to include about them?
Do you have a nickname for this person?
Do you have any inside jokes to include?
How do they make you feel?
How did you meet?
Please include any detail you would like highlighted and included in the custom song! 
Optional Extras

Thanks!I will reply with some additional questions and to confirm the order. Meanwhile if you have any questions, please reach out to me directly at