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Anniversaries, weddings, birthdays; whatever the occasion, Eugene can write and record a personalized song for the ones you love; a gift that they will remember forever and will last a lifetime❤️ 



original songs
$77 - $155

Choose from a few melodies I've created for people in the past and I'll create* custom lyrics based on what you tell me about the person you love.

Includes a 1 minute song (1 verse & one chorus) w guitar & voice

Includes 1.5m-2m song, which includes an extra verse & Chorus which makes for a fuller story + Bass or Piano + Percussion + Vocal Harmonies

Optional Extras $33 ea 

(most extras included in FULL package)


Vocal Harmonies Additional Guitars | Percussion  

Piano | Bass | Video Slide show  

Delivery Times

Standard 3-5 days  

Rush 2-3 days  + $50

I fucked up overnight delivery  + $100

* Pricing in USD

* I use artificial intelligence as a tool to speed up the procces.






A fully custom song designed from scratch based on the information you provide about the person you love.

a 2.5-3.5 minute song with multiple layers of vocals and guitar

Everything GOOD has + Percussion + Bass or Piano + professional mixing which makes the song sound like it's ready to be played on the Radio

Optional Extras $77 ea 

(most extras included in BEST package)


Percussion  | Piano | Bass | Video Slide show 

Delivery Times:

Standard = 7-14 days

Rush (3-5 day) + $100 

*I fucked up delivery (2-3days) + $300

*Pricing in USD

Request a Custom Song
Tell Me About Your Loved One! 

Why do you love this person? Who are they to you? What are they known for? Is there something funny you would like to include about them? Nicknames, inside jokes, how they make you feel, how you met..A special memorable event that you still occasionally talk about, musicians you both like, any other details you'd like to be in the song
Optional Extras (some already in Better/Best packages)

Thanks!I will reply with some additional questions and to confirm the order. Meanwhile if you have any questions, please reach out to me directly at

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