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Hey stranger my name is Eugene

I’m a singer-songwriter who writes about hope, inspiration and reflection. I invite you to listen to my original music HERE. Recently I had dream come true by converting a van into a recording studio and having a stage built on the side of which I now perform out of and offer driveway concerts. Read my more detailed story here.

 C U S T O M   S O N G S 

During Covid, I had to figure out how to survive and so I started writing custom songs for people's special occasions. Tell me about the person you love and I'll turn your words into a professionally recorded song.

Patricia Seth Testimonial.png

S U P P O R T   T H E   D R E A M 


I''m writing songs that can bringing people together, inspire and give us hope. If you like my music, consider joining me in 'GenieClub', hear songs that are not yet available anywhere else, VOTE on which I release next & more ❤️

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 M Y  P E R F O R M A N C E S 

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