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A song about a girl I broke up with at 18/19 that I kept thinking about well into my mid twenties.

Tell me when

Will you come back (to me)

Tell me how

I'll pick you up


Over my, head

Into my. Arms

We’ll travel far

or lie beneath the stars



Maybe it will last,

maybe we’ll get lost ….

like the footsteps before spring


What a view

But without you

It's like third world place  - dejavu


Tell me why

Your tears don't dry

Although you smile

I see them right behind your eyes (so green) - like the footsteps in the spring


Outside my window sits a woman

I think you know who she is

She writes her journal about her journeys

and the sun rays and their kiss

She lights me up

She makes me think

How I gave her up

Bout the things I missed


Maybe it will last, maybe we’ll get lost ….like the footsteps before spring

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