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Last time you guys chose 'Heaven' for the next release - Now that it's out, which one of these 3 songs would you like for the universe to have hear next?
Anuar nominated ‘Victims Can’t Be Choosers’, Jenna nominated 'Find Me In Your Dreams' & one of our oldest members Ariel, nominated 'I hope that you find' - reply via email which song you'd like for me to release next!

Reply via email which one you'd like to be released next, if you're not a member yet, as soon as you join you get a vote (as long as the vote is still open)

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Since our last vote I'd like to welcome the following active members to the club: 

Andrew, Natalie, Jenna, Gabriel, Tatiana, Anuar. The goal is to be releasing 1 song per month - once we reach that goal then we can start spending money on marketing, music videos and more. 

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