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Last time you guys chose 'I Hope That You Find' for the next release. Now it's time for the next vote, our latest members Shrey & Meg along with one of our longest standing members Ariel nominated the following for our next release.
Have a listen and reply to this email which song you'd like the world to hear next!* 
*only Genies can vote but you're welcome to listen

Shrey Genie.png

Since our last vote I'd like to welcome the following active members to the club: 

Shrey Bhakta, Michelle Pickoski, Stefania Gori, Alex Kropp, Nicole Kirby

 We're currently raising about $185 in monthly donations, with the mixing ($350) being the highest expense. The goal is to be releasing 1 song per month - once we reach that goal then we can start spending money on marketing, music videos and more

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