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Victims can't be choosers

Eugene here, hello!

I've personally witnessed tears streaming down the faces of my audience while performing the songs I'm about to share with you; it's a feeling that words simply can't capture. Yet, it's not just the melody and rhythm that leave a lasting impression. It's the ideas and even the lessons that are embedded within the music, lingering in our hearts and minds long after the final notes have faded away. It's when these powerful concepts fuse with soul-stirring melodies that true magic happens.

“Afraid of change, have you refurbished old excuses? Life’s in your hands but victims can’t be choosers”

“Do you ever try to manifest, even when your heart may need some rest, do you ever close your eyes and thank god you're in Heaven?" 

“Light will come back soon, it always does for you, it's never really gone, it's just shining for someone else now.”


A few examples below.

if something resonates deeply, lets talk.

Complete ownership

2022-11-21 16.55.55.heic

I own my masters, am independent and am hungry for opportunity.

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