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Or wherever you stream: 'No More Control' by Eugene Kurolap

No More Control is a song about how freedom can easily vanish and is also a cry for us to say enough is enough. Because Eugene was born in the USSR, he believes that when systems (especially governments) become too big, they become too self interested and in many times result in catastrophic loss of life...


Whether it's Mao's China, Stalin's Russia, Hitler's Germany's or other examples - they prove one thing for certain:


Safety is an easy mask for control - fear is a time proven weapon. 

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Eugene's Story:

Born in Soviet Russia before it’s collapse, Eugene's parents got him and his brother Mark out as quickly as they could. Eugene’s musical career began in April of 2015 when he met a street singer in Tel Aviv who made him realize that he can make a living doing what he loves. Since then he’s performed in the streets of over 15 countries, on a luxury cruise ship, weddings and has had his music streamed over 50,000 times.

- 2016 Eugene met a producer in who recorded his first EP for him (Memories)
- 2017 Eugene won the Noosa Busking championship in Noosa, Australia.
- 2018 Eugene got to perform a song inspired by Jordan Peterson TO Jordan Peterson


When Covid hit, because of all the spare time, Eugene started recording his own songs and was able to release his very first self recorded song ‘Unused Potential’

In September of 2021 Eugene finally bought his dream van (a big FedEx type) and is currently working on converting it into a mobile recording studio AND performing stage.

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2022 Eugene released his second self produced song ‘Bones’ along with a music video filmed in Mexico by a Ukrainian Videography teacher Artem @gavr

Later that year after hearing Trevor Hall perform, Eugene and his friends followed him around the States on his tour, performing for people lining up to score free tickets and after the show to gain some new fans. Trevor took notice of this and invited Eugene to sing a song at his Vermont show:

Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 3.13.33 PM.png

Eugene believes that what we listen to matters and shapes the world we live in. Yes his songs are catchy but so are many others; the real gem are the ideas and truths that sometimes we forget, and need to be reminded of. When Eugene sings these songs, he finds that the ideas seep deeper and deeper into his being.

Some of the ideas in Eugene's songs include:

"Mediocrity is the enemy in this life, in this game, so lets be all we can, be the best or live with shame"

"Afraid of change? Have you refurbished old excuses, Life's in your hands, but Victims Can't Be Choosers"

"Is that all that you can see? Is this all that you can be, just a head full of your dreams, you'll make believe, instead of living it."

"If you want to be a good man just be good, don't wait for anyone to care, the question isn't what you tell the world, it's how you act when no-one's there"

Recently Eugene has started recruiting people into the 'GenieClub' - people who join him are somewhat like shareholders/partners - they are able to gain access to over 30 productions in progress + get to vote on which song gets released next and of course get all the releases before they are publicly available!

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