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Although it is unreleased, I thought YOU would like to hear this song before the general public. Wildfire was inspired by my arguments with people when the Israel/Hamas war began and digging into my soul to figure out how I feel about it. I'll be releasing it on the 6 month anniversary of 10.7.

Wildfire art cover play.png


Music can go deeper than rhetoric. I'd like to figure out how to market this song correctly because I think most of us feel what this song is. I'm so tired of arguing but I don't want these lies to spread like Wildfire.

If you have any ideas or would like to help contribute money that will go on facebook ads or have access to marketing companies / podcasters / youtubers that can recommend the song... please let me know.

Have a listen to the song by clicking the PLAY button above and if it deeply moves you, lets talk.



I don’t wanna argue,

but I don’t want lies to spread like wildfire 

And set the world on fire  

I don’t want to confront,

but if I have to I will use voice not violence -  

Cuz of that I want less



I just wanna live life and let others find their own light in these dark times 

(by searching inside)

But evil it exists and only truth will guide us to light, from their stark lies 

(from you you can’t hide)  



But I always have doubts,

what if I’m the one that’s been wrong this whole time, 

(will I let ego die?) 

And be reborn humble,

while I stumble round this ground recently crumbled (

or just double down?)  



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