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Songs of Freedom.

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My name is Eugene and lately I've been writing and recording songs which promote Freedom, truth, hope and (in my opinion) good ideas. These songs are in search of a home, maybe you can adopt them.

These songs are from a private playlist and are not yet publicly available. To listen to my finished songs on any streaming service click here

Lyrics from my songs include:

"Afraid of Change? Have you refurbished old excuses?

Life's in your hands, but victims can't Be choosers" - Victims Can't Be Choosers

"Mediocrity is the enemy in this life, in this game..

..So lets be all we can be the best or live with shame..." - Bones

"Is that all that you can see? Is this all that you can be?

Just a head full of your dreams, you'll make belief instead of living it." - Unused Potential

"Did you know that there's profit in fear? 

They'll try to scare you so you can't think clear.

Did you know if you're angry the win,

divide and conquer is how they'll prevail " - Think for yourself

An invitation:

Genie Header.png

Lately I've been turning inspirational ideas into songs that I believe can have a positive impact on humanity. If you'd like to support me on this journey, I invite you to join me in 'Genie Club'.  One of the many perks you'll receive is being able to vote on which song I publicly release next. Your participation would allow me to release songs quicker into our universe.

Are you a fan of Peterson?

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