One of my biggest thought influencers 

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After I started listening to Dr Peterson (and others), my songs started evolving from mostly love, into songs that I believe carry ideas which can do some good for our world, with lyrics such as:

"Afraid of Change? Have you refurbished old excuses?

Life's in your hands, but victims can't Be choosers" - Victims Can't Be Choosers

"Mediocrity is the enemy in this life, in this game..

..So lets be all we can be the best or live with shame..." - Bones

"Is that all that you can see? Is this all that you can be?

Just a head full of your dreams, you'll make belief instead of living it.

You've got unused potential" - Unused Potential

"You've got to think for yourself, otherwise you'll become...

...Just a Pawn in a hand, that's already been dealt" - Think for yourself

An invitation:

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Some musicians try to get discovered by marketing to people who like similar music. Instead, I'd like to appeal to those who, like me have been inspired by great thinkers such as Jordan Peterson or Jim Rohn.


I have a little project called 'Genie Club' which allows me to release more meaningful songs, quicker.


If you become a member by giving me a monthly amount, you'll get access to all my songs in progress, VOTE on which songs I release next and of course receive all my songs before they are officially out. 100% of the money goes into the music business, none into my pocket.

If you're not ready for that at this stage, no worries at all - message me your email address and when these songs come out, I'll send them your way!