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The intolerant

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

I think some of the people that major in virtue signaling (posting things that in essence say "look at how good I am") are some of the least tolerant people in the world.

This instagram conversation exemplify my point.

A few weeks ago a heart rumors that they’re going to be bringing back masks and potentially more lockdowns which based on what I’ve been reading/watching actually causes more harm than good:

  • Children who were forced masking suffered learning disabilities

  • People on the verge of suicide jumped over the fence

  • Businesses that people invested in their whole life savings went belly up

  • We now feel the Inflation due to printing trillions of dollars. Notice how much everything has gone up in price?

  • Breathing in your own CO2 for hours a day can’t be healthy

  • One of the most trusted research non profits (Cochrane) says “ We are uncertain whether wearing masks or N95/P2 respirators helps to slow the spread of respiratory viruses based on the studies we assessed.”

Anyways on to the story. A few weeks ago I started writing a song which is tentatively called ‘Fuck Lockdowns’ and I posted it a few times on my instagram. To my surprise, there was overwhelming support and positive messages in my comments. I was surprised because when I first started speaking up against these shenanigans in 2020, I had a LOT of hate go my way, I estimate I lost about 1000 followers but one of the lenses I see life is through the words of Martin Luther King JR who says:

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

I think we have a moral duty to speak up against these things that affect all our lives although I fully understand why a large amount of people don’t. Cancel culture.

People literally lost jobs for voicing their opinions or not posting a black square… Can you believe that some people got fired for not taking an experimental treatment (I cannot call it a vaccine because by definition it is not) from some of the same companies that on record have had to pay some of the largest fines for fraud in the world?

So a few hours after posting I see many people reposting this reel and one of the guys I met in Austin (who has been disrespectful to me in the past in other ways) posted this, citing my sexuality and “group”, encouraging others to unfollow me. For privacy reasons I'll keep his name out of it so that people don't endlessly target him for being intolerant but I'll share this blog with him. I'll share his preferred pronouns because these people claim to be virtuous but their true colours come out in private. We don't need preferred pronouns, the whole idea of this to me is lunacy. I know it's also insane for most of the world but a lot of us wouldn't want to speak up for fear of being targeted by these kind tolerant people.

Question: What does marginalized have to do with anything? I'm 100% certain blacks, hispanics, gays and others also were against this government tyranny. Bringing sexuality into it has nothing to do with the argument.

Notice there aren't any arguments on the subject of lockdowns. Only a call for me to be cancelled. What does living abroad have to do with lockdowns?

There are a few definitions of being a bigot. When I learned about this word I found out that it was about being intolerant with people who hold different beliefs. One of the Cambridge definitions: a person who has strong, unreasonable beliefs and who does not like other people who have different beliefs or a different way of life. Recently some dictionaries have become woke and started changing definitions, so we have to be vigilant in our speech and be as accurate as possible.

"Fuck off" has never been a good argument in my books.

This guy lives in Texas and is citing NY laws about posting pictures of someone. I'm not posting pictures of anyone without their consent and even blocked his insta name so people can't harass him.

This guy needs to re-evaluate how he responds to people who disagree with him. I think it's in human nature to want people to be/think more like you; therefor if you want someone to understand you better or see your point of view, being rude and telling them to fuck off is not an effective way to change someone's heart/mind.

I've changed my positions in my life several times, I think it's humbling and I suspect that as I age, I'll look back at some of my current positions and cringe.

The one inevitable thing in life is change.

As I continue to think and evolve my ideas, I put them in songs.

Here are a few lines from some of my songs:

Victims Can't Be Choosers

Surround yourself with many dreamers

Get rid of rage, it slowly buries deeper

Afraid of change? Have you refurbished old excuses?

Life’s in your hands, but victims can’t be choosers

Surround yourself, with good ideas

Actions you take (not words), is how I’ll choose to see you.

Deceive to yourself and quicker you’ll get older (and weaker)

Choose Truth over lies it can only make you stronger

Unused Potential

Is that all that you can see?

Is this all that you can be?

Just a head full of your dreams

You make belief instead of living it

You’ve got unused potential

Think For Yourself

Did you know that there’s profit in fear?

They’ll try to scare you so you can’t think clear

Did you know if you’re angry they win?

Divide and conquer is how they prevail

You’ve got to think for yourself

Otherwise you’ll become

Just a pawn in a hand

That’s already been dealt

By using you…

… don’t let them use you


If you'd like me to support me and have me release more songs quicker, I invite you to join me in 'GenieClub'

Video of what started this whole charade:

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