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Tucker / Vivek

I never used to Tucker until he got fired from Fox. I now make a habit of listening to those who’ve been cancelled/censored, to see what makes the most sense and see if I'm being lied to/used.

My favorite cancellations to listen to have been Rogan, RFK Jr, Peterson, Jones (although I can't stand his mannerism) Maher, Brand & more.

So far everything he says is resonating IF you actually listen to what he says, rather than somebody else’s interpretation of what he says - and Vivek Ramaswamy is my top 2 choice for this cycle (the other being RFK). In part because he is young, educated, doesn’t come from politics but also his whole slogan is what our society is missing - #TRUTH - he isn’t owned by anyone, said he would do it without a super pac if his competitors did the same.

MLK states that “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” which is why I'd rather lose a few "subscribers" and speak what I believe to be true rather than stay silent in order to appease the system and be liked/accepted/rewarded. Reminds me of that saying ... "First they came for the ____ and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a _______..

I call on the silent majority to start speaking up or at least go from a whisper to an audible sound. Sometimes I fantasize about saying "stop living in fear" when walking past someone wearing a mask in the sun outside, just loud enough so they can hear - but I don’t want to be an asshole so I probably won’t. But at least I wrote that thought down and now maybe one more person know’s they’re not alone with these rational thoughts for a virus that 99.9% of people survive & for masks who in a private email told someone not to wear.

I was born in USSR (Soviet Union) before it fell apart, and in those times, as we are witnessing today, people couldn’t really say the truth.

This reminds me of an old soviet saying

“They’ll pretend to pay us, and we’ll pretend to work”

Though in the old times, they would just take you away to a labour camp in Siberia for speaking against your government and their propaganda. My grandfather was an orphan in the USSR because they shot his father and declared his wife (my great grandma) an enemy of the state - she went to a labour camp. NOW you just get cancelled/un-platformed/ostracized for saying that men can’t be women. If you look at life through the lense of perspective, you would recognize this lunacy and would considered it 'offensive'

I remember when I first started talking against the narrative they fed us from that “2 weeks to flatten the curve” lie... I received a LOT of negative comments on facebook and insta but I think things are starting to shift. Recently I posted something about Covid (lockdowns are rumored again) and to my surprise 10 out of the 9 comments were actually on my side stating that they will not be complying with the restrictions. They can’t jail us all and this is how we win. Mass civil disobedience if they try this shit again. Always peaceful of course and beware and distance yourselves to those who instigate violence. Light does not need violence, they say that sunlight is the best disinfectant; we just have to get people to see ONE of the lies and then they might be curious about what else they've lied about.

Since Elon bought Twitter (now , it opens up the marketplace of ideas which is good because it will probably force Meta (Zuckerberg) to be more relaxed about banning information/censoring things that we knew to be true at the beginning of the pandemic but were censored from us) - such as the lab leak theory or the Hunter Biden laptop which implicates him and his dad in a bribery scheme with Ukraine & Chine.

Whenever I see a warning about False information or get one of those posts that’s hidden, I open it simply because I don’t like being treated as a child. Let me hear the arguments and decide myself. By putting their finger on the scale (*cough* something that rhymes with CHEF+BEE+EYE + something that rhymes with *cough* SIGTEG *cough* we have Biden and are on the verge of WW3. Russia would never have gone into Ukraine had he who must not be named was in office. And that’s not to defend Russia, Putin or Trump; it’s just stating facts.

I believe we’ve gone a bit too soft as a society, taking compassion to a degree so extreme that we think the KIND thing to do is to let homeless people live in encampments in our cities, or by affirming someone’s gender dysphoria as fact and putting them in a protected class which if criticized could be a death sentence for your career.

How far will we stray from truth just to placate to people’s feelings?

If I was a politician or had some managers behind me, speaking my mind would probably be inadvisable and so some of these ideas I weave in through the lyrics in my songs and hope that they're resonate with you. If you're on the side of Truth, I hope to earn your listenership for decades to come.

For this topic let’s take Think For Yourself as an example.

“Did you know that there’s profit in fear

“They’ll try to scare you so you can’t think clear

“Did you know if you’re angry they win

“Divide and Conquer is how they’ll prevail.


“Did you know that there’s profit in fear”

A few questions to ask that I won’t answer because you SHOULD think for yourself.

#1. Who profited from the pandemic?

#2. Who Is the number one advertising spenders on the same news channels where we seek truth from?

#3. Did anyone working for the government collect royalties from a “procedure” that some people got fired for not taking?

“They’ll try to scare you so you can’t think clear”

Remember on CNN they

had a daily death toll from Covid? As soon as Biden got in, they got rid of it. I won’t tell you the answer but do you know if more people died under Trump or Biden during the pandemic? Why get rid the ticker… hmmm

“Did you know if you’re angry they win”

Remember the biggest riots in 2020? THE BLM ones that cause BILLIONS of dollars in damages and dozens of deaths and what did this movement ever actually do for black people except buy mansions for a few of their organizers? Do we feel closer to each other now or further apart?

“Divide and Conquer is how they’ll prevail”

While we’re over here fighting about pronouns, they're killing Russians and Ukrainians and then we trust pandemic responses to the same people who think the earth is over populated. What could go wrong...

These are my thoughts for now.

Good day Sir/Madame!

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