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Victims Can’t Be Choosers  comes out 6.7.24

you're special.

Surround yourself with many dreamers.

Get rid of rage, it slowly buries deeper.

Afraid of change? Have you refurbished old excuses?

Life's in your hands but victims can’t be choosers  

Surround yourself with good ideas

Actions you take (not words) is how I'll choose to see you.

Deceive yourself and quicker you'll get older (and weaker)

Choose truth over lies, it can only make you stronger.



Vocals, Main Guitar, Percussion, Production - Eugene Kurolap 


Art - Hana Stanke -


Guitar B - Braydon Wollmann


Piano, Synth - Ronen Ios


B Vocals - Marissa Zechinato


Saxophone - Dan Cohen


Mixing - Jimmy Mansfield


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